Sunday, February 10

The Perfect Thimble! (at least for me)

I have always had a hard time finding a thimble that would fit my finger,
that was comfortable and work.  Normally they are to tight, to loose, to hot, etc.
Well I finally found one that works Great!  and I made it myself!
Yep!  that's right!  I made my own using co-flex adhesive vetwrap.
Yes this is the same stuff you buy to wrap the legs on horses.

This is a 4" x 5yd roll I purchased for $1.29 at my local feed store.
That come in many colors and range in price up to about $2.
If you need a co-flex wrap for an medical need, buy vetwrap!
Some stuff as the high price wrap you but at drug stores!


Start with a piece about 4" x 2"
Lay your finger off to one side, nail down.
Wrap the short side around your finger and just tuck under a bit.
Fold over the top half.  This add thickness to protect the finger from needles pushing thru.

Wrap around your finger pulling just a bit to make it fit snug.
Press gently around the entire wrap to ensure it sticks to itself and to hug your finger.

You have just made your very own custom thimble for pennies!
It is reusale as well!

You can actually take off your thimble and it maintains it shape! You can continue to use the same thimble for awhile.
You can even make one for your thumb!  The texture of the wrap is great for gripping needles and pulling through the fabric.
I can't feel any sharp point or pain of the needle pressing into the 'Thimble Wrap"
BUT... I have total control when sewing.!
Hopefully you'll give this a try.  I don't think you'll regret trying it!

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Daphne Lewis said...

Love the thimble made from vetwrap! We used that at the barn where we used to board our horses for just about everything. I never considered using it for a thimble until now!!